What’s Next

We at Ruder Finn are focused on helping companies and leaders reinvent and inspire positive change. We encourage an ecosystem that addresses real unmet needs. We believe in communications that amplify behaviors to transform how we live and work.


We believe achieving excellence today is intrinsically connected to pursuing what’s next.

For our clients, what’s next means anticipating your every need today, while always reaching for a bolder future.

For our people, what's next means always challenging our thinking, knowing there's no limit to what we can achieve.

For our industry, what's next means staying ahead of today's innovation, while being the first to pursue tomorrow's.

What We Do

Every vision starts with a story. We help uncover and shape the stories that bring your vision to life. We apply critical insight to make sure your story resonates with your audience and achieves the desired response. We create stand-out content – from compelling narrative to electrifying design and video – to make sure your story is read, seen and heard. We continually build and evolve your story as you move from now to what’s next.

We build meaningful connections with the people that matter. We carefully map stakeholders – from media, influencers and shapers, to customers and partners, to employees and general public – to identify the right channels and voices to carry your story. We frame and spark valuable conversations through traditional and social media channels. We construct powerful brand experiences – from digital engagements to live events – that emotionally and intellectually connect to who you are and who you will become.

You can never completely control what’s next. But we monitor, manage and measure your story to help ensure that it influences the people you want, in the way that you want. We manage media channels, from owned to earned to paid, to make sure your story stays true to your vision. We employ sophisticated SEO and SEM to optimize the influence your story has on the people that matter. We proactively manage potential issues to keep your brand resilient for whatever comes next.


Ruder Finn drives understanding and demand among consumers, patients, healthcare professionals and decision makers, for products, services and technological advances that transform care and lead to longer, healthier lives.

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Technology is at the center of transformation. Ruder Finn helps companies tell compelling stories of transformative innovation to position and sell the next generation of virtual and real-world technologies, products and services.

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Ruder Finn helps position companies for success in a fast-changing world by building reputation and admiration among external stakeholders and the public, as well as deep emotional engagement among employees and partners.

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The channels consumers use to engage with brands are changing at the speed of innovation. Ruder Finn helps brands stay ahead of that curve by transforming how brands build deep, insights-based emotional connection with consumers.

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We are the idea makers, the developers, the collaborators and the facilitators. We are nimble and enlightened. Every day presents new tests and new boundaries to push — and we are pumped.


How We Think

The freedom of imagination to see things in a new way, and the sharpness of thinking to bring competitive edge

Global perspective, insights and resources combined with the knowledge and exceptional client service of a local agency

Keeping us deeply connected to our clients, our employees, and the stakeholders, influencers, and shapers of tomorrow


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Disruption. Transformation. Reinvention. At Ruder Finn, we transform reputations, ignite engagement within companies and excite customers as the world rapidly changes every day.

Kathy Bloomgarden CEO


Kathy Bloomgarden CEO
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Peggy Walsh Global Operations
Ian Glover Global Finance
Rachel Spielman Storytelling & Media
Keith Hughes Business Development
Robin Kim Global Technology
Keith Bloomgarden Operations
Laura Ryan Corporate/Crisis
Elan Shou Asia
Christie Anbar Global Healthcare
Atul Sharma Managing Director, India
John Nolan EVP, Brand Marketing
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Our Clients

Our clients are
transformation drivers.

They are the businesses and institutions that are helping to transform our world and the markets they do business in.

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Our 65+ year history gives us the creative energies and imaginative forces to shine a light on problems and discover new possibilities that unify people toward a common solution.

David Finn Chairman, founder of Ruder Finn



As one of the world’s largest privately-held agencies, Ruder Finn fosters a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurism that is singular in today’s communications world. Our unique culture of pursuing what’s next is built on the following values :


the more points of view the better

for knowledge as well as for achievement
because you’re never really taking risks if you never fail

we put excellence before seniority

great thinking starts with hearing what’s possible
it gives us the freedom to pursue what’s next